Attic Blown Insulation

Serving St. Cloud and Freeport, MN

Does your attic have enough insulation? Did you know that buildings experience most of their heat loss through the attic? Hennen Lumber offers you two options for blown insulation.

If you would like to add more R-value to your attic you could choose to install blown cellulose insulation. Purchase your cellulose insulation at Hennen Lumber and you may use our insulation blower free of charge.

If you choose to have blown fiberglass installed we have the people to do the job. Although it costs a little more to use blown fiberglass over cellulose, the blown fiberglass insulation is cleaner to install and retains its R-value longer then cellulose. Fiberglass insulation will not settle over time like cellulose insulation does.

If you would like more information about insulation, or an estimate, stop by or call the folks at Hennen Lumber.